About me

Here you can get to know my art and therefor me, because my art is part of me. I live and work at the lake of Constance. Most of my inspiration comes from natural shapes, lines and structures, things I see when moving around in the nearby lake- and mountain area. I save them in my head until I get home, then I get my sketchbook and my ink and start drawing. 


I love working with ink as it has a very self-willed way of flowing and drying and allows great transparency. I look at how the colours flow into an organic whole that reflects what I saw. It is an adventurous process with an outcome that is neither certain nor predictable. Only when everything is dried up, I get to see the final result. Sometimes the piece is finished then, but often I put it up on a wall for some time and look at it. After a while I normally know how I want to continue and then I complete it. This adventurous workflow fits me like a glove. For me the journey, not the arrival matters.


I try to draw daily, as it helps me to relax. You can also find my latest work at Instagram - mvheugten.