About me

Mariken van Heugten (1973 Baexem,
the Netherlands) has chosen a lateral artist's life. While she worked for many years in international companies in Austria, Spain and Switzerland in the areas of marketing, sales and logistics, the creative side in her always lived alongside. Since
2018 she has intensified her creative activity, which has led to
solo exhibitions in Constance in 2020 and 2022 as well as an
an increasing interest in her work on Instagram.
Her inspiration comes from natural forms,
lines and structures that she sees when she is in the
the nearby Lake Constance and mountain region. She
works with ink, as it has a very unique way of flowing and drying,
and allows for great transparency. It is a process with a result that is neither certain nor predictable.
The habit of daily sketchbook drawing is not only a way to process the things that happen around her, but also offers a great fund of experiments and inspiration
for further works.


Also see Instagram: mvheugten for a full overview.