About me

Mariken van Heugten (1973 Baexem, the Netherlands) has chosen a lateral entry to artist life. Having worked for many years in marketing, sales and logistics in international companies in Austria, Spain and Switzerland, the creative side of her has always been fed alongside. From 2018 onwards, she has intensified her creative activity, leading to solo shows in Germany 2020 and 2022 as well as an increasing interest for her work on Instagram.


Her inspiration comes from natural shapes, lines and structures, things she sees in her surroundings of the lake- and mountain area in southern Germany.


Floral or abstract forms can hence be recognized in the mainly small format drawings and paintings, which often seem to be works for the second glance due to the delicate colors and layers.


Her favorite material is ink, because she feels this material best suits her motifs and she still delights daily in the unexpected and whimsical way it flows.


Mariken van Heugten on Instagram: @mvheugten